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Best Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas

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Best things to do in Cabo San Lucas

Recently ranked by Forbes Magazine as the #4 top place to visit in the world; it is no surprise that Los Cabos is a true tourist hotspot. With beautiful clean beaches, amazing scenery, delicious food, crazy parties, and a plethora of day activities, you will never be bored during your trip to Los Cabos. Looking to add some spice to your vacation? Check out our picks of the best things to do in Cabo.

Go bar hopping

Admit it, you’ve probably heard of Cabo’s reputation as a party destination. While this is definitely not the only thing Cabo has to offer, it is absolutely something that can be enjoyed at a high level in Cabo. Depending on what you desire, both areas of Los Cabos offer many opportunities. If you’re looking to really party hard, Cabo San Lucas is where its at. If you’re looking for a more laid-back, ‘classy’ drinking experience, perhaps consider San Jose del Cabo for more upscale bars. With so many bars spread across the city, it can be hard to decide where to go. Especially Cabo San Lucas offers an incredible amount of varying bars, clubs, and venues. For our tips on the best bars in Cabo San Lucas, check out our previous blog to make sure you get the best out of your night!

Diving & snorkeling

For lovers of the underwater world, Cabo is a wonderful place to go snorkeling and diving. Perhaps the best spot for easy access snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas is Playa Chileno. This beautiful white sand beach provides amazing underwater wildlife as soon as you step into the ocean. Simply go down to the main beach area and then venture to the right of the beach a bit over the rocks. Once there, head into the water and be amazed. For beginners, be careful of currents which can sometimes be strong and also tidal conditions which can sometimes leave the reef shallow and exposed. For experienced divers looking for truly unique options outside of Cabo itself, consider Cabo Pulmo National Park or La Paz. Cabo Pulmo National Park is a marine protected area with an unbelievable underwater biodiversity. Divers relish the chance to see whale sharks, humpback whales, bullsharks, hammerhead sharks, and tigersharks at the many famous divesites here. For a more playful option consider doing the sea lion dive in the Sea of Cortez near La Paz. We promise you, swimming and playing with young sea lion pups is a remarkable experience that you will never forget. If you really want to experience the best that Cabo has to offer, an underwater expedition simply cannot be missed!

Deep-sea Fishing

With such incredible underwater biodiversity, it is no surprise that Cabo is an absolute mecca for fishing. While there are many shore fishing spots available, the real excitement starts with a deep-sea fishing expedition. Test your skills and see if you can bring home a catch of marlin, sailfish, tuna, dorado, wahoo, or many other species. At the Cabo San Lucas Marina boats leave every morning at sunrise, so make sure to book a trip with one of the many fishing companies.

Rent a boat or yacht and visit Land’s End

Certainly one of the most popular things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to rent a boat or yacht from the Cabo San Lucas Marina. Every evening a large group of boats and yachts will collect at the Land’s End rock formations to watch the sunset, party, and enjoy drinks. For those more cash-strapped it is also possible to take a water taxi or to rent a boat tour. For those visiting Cabo San Lucas for its party reputation, consider a party boat tour!


Are you visiting Cabo between the months of October and March? If so, you’re in luck! This is prime-time whale season, meaning that giant humpback whales will be migrating in large groups past the Baja Peninsula. This is a great opportunity for nature lovers to check a big ‘must-do’ off their bucket-list! There are many options for whale watching tour companies in Cabo and most leave from the Marina in Cabo San Lucas.


Admit it, you love Mexican food. Who doesn’t? Fortunately for you, you’ll be able to enjoy all three meals of the day with absolute quality. Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy (tacos?) or more upscale high-classed restaurants, you can find everything here. Looking for real Mexican food while in Cabo? Check out our blog on the top 5 best Mexican restaurants in Cabo San Lucas!

Outdoor activities

Looking for something active to do while on vacation? Cabo offers many opportunities for various outdoor sporting activities. Consider ATV tours through the desert, world-class golf parks, or learning to surf! For a full assortment of quality tours in Cabo, we suggest checking out our friends at tourscabo. Snorkeling, hiking, ATV tours, flyboarding, surfing, mountain-biking, shark encounters, diving, zip lines; you name it and it’s probably possible here!

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Best Bars in Cabo San Lucas

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Best Bars in Cabo San Lucas


As a famous vacation, spring break and party destination, it is no surprise that Cabo San Lucas has a vibrant and active nightlife. From beers on the beach, to high class luxury cocktails, to pumping clubs; you can find everything here in Cabo San Lucas. In Cabo San Lucas, the party starts early. Enjoy afternoon drinks on the beach, sunset drinks on the cliffsides and late-night drinks in the town. With so many options it can be daunting figuring out where to spend your time. To help keep the stress levels low and the good vibes high, here are our picks for the best bars in Cabo San Lucas.

The Cabo Wabo Cantina

For those who love bars with live music, look no further than The Cabo Wabo Cantina. This famous cantina, owned by former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar, has been hosting world-renowned musicians since its founding in 1990. In the past artists as famous as Alice Cooper and Slash have performed at this music venue. With a lunch and dinner menu, this is also a great place to eat and enjoy some drinks as you work your way into the Cabo San Lucas nightlife. After dinner hours (until 11:00pm), this bar transforms into a full out club, so stick around, and enjoy the party! Make sure to check out their website for further information on the daily events.

Latitude 22+ Roadhouse

Perhaps one of Cabo’s most famous local bars, Latitude 22+ Roadhouse provides a truly interesting experience. Filled with souvenirs, license plates, fishing memorabilia, pictures, and artwork; it’s hard to miss the nautical inspiration involved in the creation of this bar. After all, Owner Mike Grzanich, who first came to Cabo San Lucas in 1959 on a tuna boat, is a true waterman. This local hangout is a casual joint with great food and a beautiful ocean view. For affordable food and drinks in a laid-back atmosphere, look no further than Latititude 22+ Roadhouse.

Señor Frogs

Looking for those famous Cabo spring break vibes? Check out Señor Frogs. Famous for its festive parties, exciting drink-filled contests, and exclusive deals; this is truly a great place to get spring break level boozed up. Every Wednesday hosts ladies night while their spring break margarita spree is truly one for the ages. This place also has some great bar food, so if you’re looking to score dinner and start a solid pre-game, this is a great option for you!

Coco Bongo

Enough with the low-key bars, you’re looking for some real club action. Alright, in that case, look no further than Coco Bongo. Coco Bongo is a recent addition to the Cabo San Lucas nightlife, however it has already built up a significant reputation for world-class shows and parties. Live musicians, international performers, acrobats and burlesque dancers are ready to take the stage and dazzle you. If you’re really looking to be entertained during your party experience, Coco Bongo may be the place for you!

Mango Deck

Mango Deck, located on Medano Beach, is one of the most famous beach bars in Cabo San Lucas. If you’re looking to day-drink with friends, this is the perfect place for you. Grab a chair under the umbrella or a seat on the desk and relax for the day with some good food and cold drinks. With daily adult-oriented contests and drinking games as well as all-day happy hour, this is a great place to spend your day and hanging out and slowly getting your booze on. On Sundays it is especially popular as there is a full buffet with authentic Mexican food and live mariachi music. Make sure to get there early and find a good seat!

Baja Brewing

Getting tired out chugging away cheap Mexican lagers? Fair enough, perhaps it is time to check out the craft beer scene in Baja California. For a relaxing evening in the Cabo marina with great craft beer, live music, and fresh seafood; look for Baja Brewing. For the beer enthusiasts, it is possible to tour the brewery and learn more about how the Baja Brewing beers are made.

Bar Esquina

For the classy drinkers amongst us, we present to you – Bar Equina. Forming part of the Bahia Hotel & Beach Club, Bar Esquina is a high-classed, luxurious and stylish restaurant-bar offering fancy cocktails and fresh locally-sourced food. For a romantic night out with a little more ‘class’, consider Bar Esquina.

Happy Ending Cantina

Admit it, sometimes you just want to go to a laid-back, authentic dive-bar with cheap drinks and interesting local clientele. If that is the case, look no further than Happy Ending Cantina. This is the kind of bar where you can play beer pong, watch sport events, and meet interesting locals. Best of all, their ongoing offer of two beers and two tequila shots for $5 truly remains the best deal in town. So, if you’re looking for the perfect pre-gaming bar where you might end up staying much longer than you initially anticipated, check out Happy Ending Cantina.

The Giggling Marlin

This bar is truly a spring-break classic, and for good reason. Famous for things getting truly weird, it’s not uncommon to see people slurping up lines of shots while hanging upside down from a fish scale. Yeah, it’s that kind of bar. A popular place during the day for drinks and food and a great place to party hard after dark. For the real spring-break vibes, check out The Giggling Marlin.

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So, as you can see there are truly a lot of great bars in Cabo San Lucas. We hope our blog can help you in making the decision for the perfect bar catering to your desires. Whether you’re looking for cheap, boozy options or a high-classed cocktail experience; Cabo San Lucas has it all. One thing is certain, if you’re going into Cabo San Lucas for drinks, expect to find lots of them! Want to check out a few bars or different venues? Make sure to fix a driver. Feel free to contact us for private transportation in Cabo San Lucas or if you’re looking to travel in style check out our cabo limo services! For a quick booking and price quote, contact us at (624) 164-8185.


Top 5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

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Top 5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas


Cabo San Lucas in Cabo, Mexico is the ultimate beach getaway. Whether you are looking to escape from the city, relax on the beach, take part in water activities, or engage the vibrant nightlife; Cabo San Lucas is the perfect destination for you. But, let’s be honest, no trip to Mexico is complete without exploring the famous and world-class Mexican cuisine. Each Mexican province is famous for its own local dishes, and together this creates a massive variety of delicious food options that will keep your mouth watering all throughout your vacation. While the Baja peninsula is especially well-known for its wonderful sea-food options, there are an array of restaurants providing you with the best examples of food from all across Mexico.

Need advice on where to go? Here are our picks of the top 5 best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

1. Mi Casa

Looking for an authentic Mexican dining restaurant? With Mi Casa, we have the perfect suggestion for you. The restaurant is set in a beautiful hacienda style property with vibrant colors, authentic architecture, and large murals with Mexican artwork. The menu boasts a large selection of dishes from across Mexico, making it a great place to experience the many different tastes of Mexico. This will be a different Mexican food experience than the ones you are accustomed to in your home country. Instead of the typical tacos, nachos, or enchiladas; expect more authentic Mexican cuisine such as mole sauces, chiles en nogada and delicious sea-food. For those looking to expand their understanding of Mexican cuisine, this is the perfect restaurant for you!

2. Tacos Gardenias

While Mi Casa caters to the more authentic Mexican tastes, there is nothing wrong with indulging in some simple good old-fashioned tacos. After all, what’s better than a great taco? Having started more than 30 years ago, Tacos Gardenias is a local staple. This restaurant offers a wonderful assortment of tacos such as fish, shrimp, fried pork rinds, chicken and even nopal cactus. Baja California is famous for its fish and shrimp tacos, so make sure to give those a try! However, perhaps most popular of the tacos on offer here, the ‘cochinita pibil’ – a slow roasted pork marinated in ground achiote seeds and orange juice – is truly a delicious taco.

3. Taco Fiesta

Yes, I know, another taco restaurant. But admit it, despite all the great options you really just want some cheap delicious tacos. Good news for you, welcome to Taco Fiesta! Centrally located and near the city’s nightlife, taco fiesta is a quick, easy, and affordable option. The specialty here is it’s taco al pastor, a wonderful taco made with spit-grilled meat. Perhaps the most famous of all tacos in Mexico, the taco al pastor is a must try for any visitor. Top up your tacos with an assortment of delicious toppings such as spicy sauce, guacamole and beans. Taco Fiesta is the perfect option for those who just want a simple, great taco.

4. The Office on the Beach

This beachside bar and sea food restaurant has been a mainstay on the Medano Beach since the 1970’s. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and differ and specializes in fresh seafood marinated cooked with excellent local ingredients and spices. If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy an easy meal on the beach, look no further than The Office on the Beach.

5. El Farallon

For our readers with a more expensive taste, we would like to introduce El Farallon at the exclusive Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedegral in Cabo San Lucas. This beautiful restaurant is best known for its breathtaking cliff-side setting overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean. Dinner at El Farallon is truly a fine dining experience. The restaurant pairs fresh local seafood with a romantic atmosphere with elegant touches such as lanterns and hand-crafted furniture taking advantage of its amazing scenery. The fish is fresh daily and diners can choose from a selection of options such as tuna, red snapper, sea bass, striped bass, shrimp, dorado, clams and lobster. Soups and salads are included and for those who don’t like seafood rib-eyed steaks are also available. The addition of a new champagne terrace further adds to the romantic beauty of El Farallon. For those looking for the absolute best dining experience in Cabo San Lucas, El Farallon simply cannot be missed.

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We hope our blog on the top 5 best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas will help you to find the perfect dinner experience. Whether you’re looking for cheap, easy options or a fine dining experience; Cabo San Lucas has it all. If you’re expecting to drink alcohol, make sure to fix a driver. Need a ride and want to travel in style? Feel free to contact us for cabo limo services or other forms of private transportation in Cabo San Lucas!

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